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How Much Does Garage Floor Coating Cost in Ashburn, Alexandria & Nearby?

Garage Floor Coating Cost Guide

As exciting as upgrading garage flooring can be, figuring out the cost can be a real pain. At Hello Garage of Northern Virginia, we understand — which is why we ease the process with our convenient cost guide, going over what factors impact the total, including:

  • The size of a garage
  • How much moisture is under the concrete slab
  • The condition of the concrete floor — are there cracks or uneven surfaces?
  • Whether we need to remove existing floor coating, like epoxy
  • The desired durability and longevity of your floors

Overall, polyaspartic coating surpasses epoxy flooring in every category, including looks, strength and lifespan, making it a more worthwhile investment in the long run. To learn more, give Hello Garage of Northern Virginia a call to get a free garage floor coating estimate. We proudly serve Virginia areas throughout Fairfax, Alexandria, Ashburn and nearby.

Help figure out the cost with the garage floor coating cost quiz.

One of the first questions homeowners ask is how much does your epoxy floor coating alternative cost? While the price varies from house to house, here are some factors that can help you calculate the cost of our garage floor coating:

What is the condition of your garage floor?

The current condition of your garage floors can impact the cost of the project. If you have damaged concrete slabs that are cracked, pitted, flaking or crumbling, there will be some additional costs to repair these issues before installing any new flooring.

How much moisture is below the concrete slab?

Homeowners may not be aware of how much moisture is beneath their concrete garage floors. But there is no reason to worry — Hello Garage of Northern Virginia has the tools to help measure this for you. Knowing the moisture conditions underneath the slab will ensure the polyaspartic floor coating is installed correctly the first time and won't peel or flake.

How long do you want your floors to last?

Garage Floor Coating

Epoxy floor coating may be cheap, but it isn't very durable. So if you only want to spruce up your garage floors for a short time before moving, then polyaspartic floor coatings may not be your best option. But since epoxy floor coating is prone to chemical burns, hot-tire pickup, yellowing and other damages, don't expect it to last very long in a garage.

Our granite-like polyaspartic floor coating looks great and stands up to yellowing, peeling, flaking, chemicals, abrasion and other damages, lasting you for years to come and saving you money on maintenance costs in the long run.

Do you want strong and elegant-looking garage floors?

If durability and appearance are important to you, polyaspartic is the way to go. Epoxy floor coating tends to yellow over time and is prone to fading, peeling, flaking, chemical stains and hot-tire pickup. But our granite-like polyaspartic flooring is much more damage-resistant and can withstand these types of problems and more.

Do you have stairs, a stem wall or an apron?

Garage Stairs

Does your garage have stairs, a stem wall or an apron? Depending on the way your home is leveled, the garage may have stairs to enter the space. Other homes have stem walls, which is a portion of the foundation that is visible in some garages. While an apron is a slab that extends past the garage to create a smooth transition between the floor and the asphalt beyond it.

If you have stairs, a stem wall or an apron in the garage, then you will probably want everything to match. Coating these areas should be factored into the cost.

Do you want to redo the floors in a few years?

Most homeowners don't want to deal with the cost or the hassle of upgrading the garage floors again after just a few years. Since epoxy tends to lose its appeal quickly and isn't as durable as polyaspartic, you will need to replace it sooner. But our epoxy floor coating alternative stands the test of time and looks great years after it is applied!

How much does it cost to coat a two-car garage floor?

Depending on whether our Dream Team needs to repair the floor beforehand, remove an existing floor coating, or accommodate any of the other factors we discussed, our epoxy floor coating alternative can cost anywhere from $2,000 and up for a standard two-car garage.

What is the difference between polyaspartic and other garage floor coatings?

Finished Garage Floor

While DIY epoxy floor coating may seem like a cost-saver, it can end up being a big disappointment. Not only is it a hassle to apply the coating yourself, but epoxy is also prone to chemical stains, yellowing, fading, peeling, chipping, hot-tire pickup and other damage. This means that you may need to replace it in a few years anyway despite all your hard work.

Hiring a professional to apply the epoxy will help you avoid sweating to get the job done yourself and ensure the job is perfect the first time. But even if you go with a professional installation, the quality issues are still a problem, meaning you'll end up spending more to replace it in a few years anyway. So now you are out the cost of labor AND material.

Polyaspartic flooring may not be as well known — but this epoxy coating alternative does provide a much better value in the long run. Its granite-like, elegant-looking appearance, durability and longevity has made polyaspartic coating a favorite among commercial contractors in areas like warehouses and airport hangars for decades. Plus, it looks better, takes more damage and lasts longer than epoxy or other polyurethane options. Click here to see the differences between polyaspartic floor coating and epoxy.

Not sure what garage floor coating is best for your Northern Virginia home?

Give Hello Garage of Northern Virginia a call to schedule a consultation and get a free garage floor coating estimate to learn more. We can go over your wants and needs and help you decide on the best options for you. We also provide garage storage solutions and garage organizational accessories throughout Northern Virginia, including Fairfax, Alexandria, Ashburn, Woodbridge, Washington, Arlington, Springfield, Centreville, Fort Myer, Sterling and nearby.

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